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    Giving-away maximum of total 150 Gems! Gems Giveaway Campaign now starts!!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We are giving away Gems according to the number of Gems purchased during the period!​

    Every time the total number of Gems purchased reaches a certain number, "30 Gems" will be gifts on the spot,
    You can get maximum total of 150 Gems from "Gems Give-away Campaign"!

    Campaign Dates1/31/2020 15:00 (GMT) - 2/3/2020 04:59 (GMT)
    Gifted gems
    Total Gems Purchased Gifted gems
    [ 30 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    [ 60 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 60 Gems)
    [ 90 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 90 Gems)
    [ 120 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 120 Gems)
    [ 150 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 150 Gems)
    Notes*When the total number of purchased Gems reached at certain amount within the period, Give-away Gems are also instantly transferred
    * Please note that the extra gifted Gem(s) from "First Time Gems Purchase Campaign" will not be counted on the "Gems Purchase campaign".
    * The Gems purchased during the campaign period will be added cumulatively.
    * Only 1 time per account.
    * Please note that the give-away Gems will be added to the "platform that was first logged in" on the day Gem was purchased, although the app was booted on a two different platform.
    * Gifted items will be transferred to the Shop BOX automatically when purchased the specified amount of Gems.
    * Players that have changed devices during the campaign period will not be applied to the campaign at the point when changed devices.
    * Date and time for this campaign may subject to change.

    Don't miss this chance to get more Gems at reasonable price♪

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team