MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」


    3 Bases Unite! And the new base will be reborn!/统合3据点! 新据点闪亮登场!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    3 bases are united into one!

    After the maintenance on February 26, "Revere," "Astoria" and "Nocturall," will be integrated as one!

    Also, after the integration, "Revere" will reborn as a big town!!
    The rich, waterly environment will remain, but the design and BGM will be renewed!!

    Joining events and shopping at Shops will be easier and more convenient, as you can chat and interact with your friends as well♪
    Hunting and battle will be more stimulating and will surely be more exciting!!

    ・All the characters in "Astoria" and "Nocturall" will all be changed to "Revere."
    ・The character logged out from above bases will be changed to "Revere."
    ・Portals to above bases will be removed.
    ・Due to integration of the bases, the existing related quests to unlock bases will be removed.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team

    感谢您一直以来对「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」的支持






    「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」营运团队 敬上
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」营运团队 敬上