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    5/20:版本更新情報/Update Information
    Regular maintenance ended on 5/20 14:05
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 5/20
    We will conduct Regular maintenance for the below dates.

    Conducting date
    JST:2020/5/20 14:00

    *Please note that you will not be able to login to the game during maintenance.
    *Please note in advance there may round time.
    *We will inform you with more details regarding completing the maintenance.

    Correspondence Details
    Shop Updates Details
    Adding "Unlocking 7th slot of Short-cut Button" to monthly full payment bonus The 7th slot will be added to all the pages
    We will be selling the "Private Rush Ticket"  
    Update Information Details
    We will be unlocking Guild Level and Guild Active Skills up to Lv10 ■If Guild level is above 7, you can raise your Guild rank by using Guild Points from Guild→Function→Rank up
    ■You can also learn Guild Active Skill up to the same level as Guild Level
    Updating the items for Main Tower Reached Achievement Rewards Floor Reached Reward Box will be changed to special item pack
    We will be adjusting to show character and account for the transfer destination at Transferrer Even for new characters, the floor of the character at the highest floor in the same account will be shown
    We will be updating some UI We will be removing the vertical screen due to adjustment
    We will be moving Mevius 120 Arms in Sharing Case and Crysta Case to Storage  
    Changed the field map for ZENITH CLASH Water Monsters  
    We will be adjusting the direction of Main Tower 43F and location of the portal We will be adjusting the same maps in Guild Tower, Release Quests, and Advent Dungeons at the same time
    Names for Advent Dungeon and ZENITH CLASH will be adjusted It will be changed to the same name with the floor names
    We will be adjusting the balance for some dungeons  
    We have adjusted the skills  
    Adjusting PvP Reception Map ■Official PvP Reception
    ・Official tournament, league, ranking DM
    ■Interaction PvP Reception
    ・Infinite field, each DMs (excluding ranking)
    *Interaction PvP Map will have separate rooms for each fixed channel
      Opening Events

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    定期維護已於 5/20 14:05結束

    商店更新情報 詳情
    月费全套购买bonus内追加「解放捷径第7按钮栏」 所有页面都将追加第7按钮栏
    版本更新情報 詳情
    公会等级、公会主动技能解放至Lv10 ■公会等级达7以上后,可点选公会→功能→等级提升,通过消费公会点数提升公会等级
    更新中心塔阶层抵达成就的报酬道具 阶层抵达报酬箱将变更为专用道具扭蛋
    传送管理人处显示的目的地,由角色单位调整为帐号单位显示 即使是新创建的角色,也将与帐号内抵达阶层最高的角色显示同样高度的阶层
    更新部分系统界面 调整后将废除竖向画面
    调整中心塔43F地图的朝向和传送口的位置 同时调整公会塔、解放任务、降临迷宫的相同地图
    调整降临迷宫、苍穹争霸的名称 变更为与阶层名称相同
    调整PvP承接地图 ■官方PvP承接


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