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    4/7:版本更新情報/Update Information
    Regular maintenance ended on 4/7 14:42
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 4/7
    We will conduct Regular maintenance for the below dates.

    Conducting date
    JST:2021/4/7 14:00~15:00

    *Please note that you will not be able to login to the game during maintenance.
    *Please note in advance there may round time.
    *We will inform you with more details regarding completing the maintenance.

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    We will be changing the conditions to enter the Guild Tower The changes are the following:
    ・Joining an ally or guild that already owns a Guild Tower
    ・Guild already joined the target ally by the end of Tower Scramble
    ・Already joined the target Guild by the end of Tower Scramble
    Due to the system update, the dialog "Send incomplete purchase" may appear when you first exit the Shop after updating the app  
    Issues to be fixed Details
    Fixed an issue of Full Party Bonus is not shown instantly  
    Fixed an issue of only showing the current Tower's situation and unable to show all the Tower's situation when opening "List of Towers" under the specific condition at "Tower Scramble"  
    Completed Details
    April Fool "New Class Kodora Added!" ~JST:2021/4/7 13:59
    Opening Events
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    定期維護已於 4/7 14:42結束

    版本更新情報 詳情
    变更公会塔的入场条件 入场条件变更如下
    應對異常現象 詳情
    修正完畢 詳情
    愚人节「实装新职业哥朵拉!」 ~GMT:2021/4/7 4:59

    「阿瓦贝尔圣境 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」营运团队 敬上