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    【postscript】Shop update notice for November 15
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.

     --- Over 5 stars or Lv 50 "Item Rush Pack" now on sale 
    The "Item Rush Pack" including powerful items such as over 5 stars and removing over Lv 50 items lined up will be on sale!
    Also the 20 Gems gifted to winners of the specified rare item campaign will also be held.

    [11/17 Edit]
    Gems have been gifted to players who have won the rare items from 11/15 to 11/17 08:00(GMT).

    [On Sale Items]
    - Item Rush Pack

    [Item price]
     -- 5 Gems per 1 Spin
     -- 50 Gems per 10 Spins

    [Included Rare Items]
    Rift Stone 80
    Rift Stone 90
    Rift Stone 100
    Rift Stone ∞
    Slot Release80
    Slot Release90
    Slot Release100
    Slot Release∞
    Evo liquid ∞

    [Other Rare Items]
    Evo liquid 7
    Rift Stone 70
    Slot Release70
    STR Orb Box 7
    VIT Orb Box 7
    INT Orb Box 7
    MEN Orb Box 7
    DEX Orb Box 7
    HP Orb Box 7
    SP Orb Box 7

    [Other Included Items]
    Evo liquid 5
    Evo liquid 6
    Rift Stone 50
    Rift Stone 60
    Slot Release50
    Slot Release60
    Arios Box 5
    Vario Box 5
    Vesrah Box 5
    Rook Box 5
    Kundo Box 5
    STR Orb Box 5
    STR Orb Box 6
    VIT Orb Box 5
    VIT Orb Box 6
    INT Orb Box 5
    INT Orb Box 6
    MEN Orb Box 5
    MEN Orb Box 6
    DEX Orb Box 5
    DEX Orb Box 6
    HP Orb Box 5
    HP Orb Box 6
    SP Orb Box 5
    SP Orb Box 6
    Chic Blue BOX  5
    Chic Red BOX 5
    Exciting Box 5
    5 Rouge Scrolls
    5 Blue Scrolls
    5 Verdure Scrolls
    5 Miracle Water
    5 DP Water
    5 HP Recovery Boxes
    5 SP Recovery Boxes
    5 Transparent Glasses
    50 Transferrer Crystals

    [Period for sale]
    From 11/15/2014~ 11/17/2014  08:00(GMT)

    * Gem gifts are scheduled in the next business day.
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * 1 item will be randomly won from the list in "Items".
    * Date and time may subject to change.

    --- 4 versions of different colors  "Butler avatar" now on sale!
    4 versions of different colors  "Butler avatar" now on sale!

    Talented subordinates most close to it's Majesty

    Butlers, the self-devoted workers

    Ones who serve, known as the greatest partners

    The Reliable and Talented "Butler Avatar"!

    [On Sale Items]
    -[Special] Butler 

    -[Special] Butler A color

    -[Special] Butler B color

    -[Special] Butler C color

     -- 3 Gems per 1 Spin
     -- 30 Gems per 10 Spins

    [Included Rare Items]
    Butler Rod-DP
    Butler Rod-DP A
    Butler Rod-DP B
    Butler Rod-DP C
    Butler Tops
    Butler Tops A
    Butler Tops B
    Butler Tops-DP

    [Other Included Items]
    Butler Monocle
    Butler Brim
    Butler Bottoms

    * 4 types of colors "A", "B", "No mark" or "DP" in all

    Butler Knife
    Butler Knife-DP
    Butler Sword
    Butler Sword-DP
    Butler Blade
    Butler Blade-DP
    Butler Mace
    Butler Mace-DP
    Butler Axe
    Butler Axe-DP
    Butler Barrett
    Butler Barrett-DP
    Butler Rifle
    Butler Rifle-DP
    Butler Bow
    Butler Bow-DP
    Butler Staff
    Butler Staff-DP
    Butler Knuckle
    Butler Knuckle-DP
    Butler Rod
    Butler Spear
    Butler Spear-DP
    Butler Lance
    Butler Lance-DP
    Butler Key
    Butler Key-DP
    Butler Shield
    Butler Shield-DP

    * 4 types of colors "A", "B", "C", or "No mark" in all

    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * 1 item will be randomly won from the list in "Items".
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time may subject to change.

    --- Announcement for closed for sale items


    The following items will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    ・Avatar Jackpot Pack
    ・China Pack
    ・Gunner Pack
    ・Astoria Pack


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